Robotic Process Automation

Reduce mundane and repetitive tasks by introducing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to work with your existing systems.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, reduces the need for team members across a business to perform repetitive tasks. The underlying robotic software works with all manner of existing or legacy systems rather than replace them. While the underlying RPA technology has been around for a long time, our experience of its current capability makes RPA a workable approach in a way that it was not a few years ago.

We are RPA experts who deliver a full service to companies looking to utilise the technology to increase productivity within their business. We provide consultancy and an initial assessment to establish the viability of introducing RPA, as well as the software development. Our QA team will then test the software to ensure it is functional and delivering completely accurate results, before implementation and finally continual monitoring.

Where to Apply RPA Solutions

Organisations and companies who use RPA solutions know how to maximise its potential by reviewing business processes and finding areas for improvement. One such step to discover where RPA might be particularly useful is to undertake an RPA process assessment to highlight tasks that could be automated.

Within most businesses, there are people performing tasks that:

  • Require data from more than one system, or re-keying data from one system to another.
  • Require simple manipulations of the data e.g. reformatting the date format from one system into the date format for another system.
  • Require simple decisions based on the data e.g. “if end of month then . . .”
  • Are started after receiving an inbound email or someone creating a report

If you have team members spending time on repeat pieces of work, RPA is able to automate these tasks within your existing systems.

RPA Process Assessment & Next Steps

Do you believe you have processes where RPA will deliver a cost saving?

If you have an example in mind, then why not discuss this with an RPA expert? Our RPA experts determine the likely time saving and establish which of the top RPA companies’ technology would be a good fit. We started our journey with some of the top RPA companies like UI Path who have considerable licence fee costs and since implemented solutions using open source software, such as Ruby Watir, offering free RPA software solutions. Open source allows us to access more economical ways to develop and maintain the RPA solutions.

RPA Solutions

Once we have a process and RPA solution in mind, a robotic process automation developer is required to create the solution. The development process is much like standard software development, working alongside existing software systems.

This RPA service is about building a long-term relationship with a client and sharing the benefits. In RPA Process Assessment & Next Steps effect, there is trade-off between having to manage software or building a business relationship.

How Much Does RPA Cost?

We will give a cost estimate after an RPA process assessment, it is almost impossible for us to provide any realistic estimate before that assessment. We have completed simple projects, which take about a week, while for other clients we have undertaken work lasting months.

On a positive note, RPA development is fast, as it builds on top of existing systems. Speed equates to cost effectiveness and it will be clear from the RPA process assessment, what benefits are available from a RPA project.

The key to RPA is choosing a reputable robotic process automation developer or company, who will get the software to work “on top” of existing systems without the disruption and expense of a massive technology change.

We offer more than just an RPA service.

Blue Frontier is an award-winning agency offering an array of web and digital services. If you require consultancy, assessment, development, testing, implementation or ongoing maintenance for an RPA project or any of our other digital services, why not get in touch today?

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Industries Who Benefit From RPA Solutions

Insight into the progress of the automation process allows staff to check on completed tasks or indeed any tasks too complicated for RPA to complete. A combination of RPA and staff ensures that a full range of work is completed, with far less effort.

RPA Digital Transformation

Digital transformation involves making existing services available to customers via the web. In the main, we find the best and quickest RPA benefits are in the back office and for the non-customer facing aspects of the business.

However, if the bottleneck to digital transformation is making low volumes of data available to customer facing website or processing a customer transaction into an existing “disconnected” system, then RPA would become key to that digital transformation.

RPA suits a number of industries where repeat tasks are used.

  • Automation in banking, finance and accounting
  • RPA in procurement, HR & Payroll

RPA can automate a whole range of tasks; however, it is important to be aware that it is not always the solution for:

  • Complex decision-making - not designed to make complex decisions or indeed to learn what decision it ought to be making.
  • Rarely used processes. The costs of implementing RPA usually need “daily grind” processes to justify the RPA automation costs.
  • Process that requires one system - if at all practical, create a report from the single underlying system and avoid RPA development.

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