Upgrading the Furniture Box Website

Migration From Magento 1 to Magento 2 & SEO Services

Furniturebox is a retailer of affordable contemporary furniture based in Wiltshire. At Blue Frontier, we were asked to work with them to upgrade their site from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

This project largely consisted of migration work for our experienced development team, but there was also some design modification carried out to fine-tune the site’s appearance to be more user-friendly.

Our SEO team also worked to improve search visibility and helped optimise the site’s content with keyword targeting.

Another means of driving traffic and conversions used was Pay Per Click (PPC). Our PPC experts were on hand to set up ads designed to attract people to the new Magento 2 site. It is important that a high-quality eCommerce site is given the attention it deserves, and through SEO and PPC, we were able to put in place the foundations necessary for optimal visibility.


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Magento Development for Furniture Box

Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2

The process of migrating Furniturebox’s site from Magento 1 to Magento 2 consisted of five main stages for our development team:

  1. Creating a development version of the existing website in order to determine how much of the site’s existing configuration could be migrated to Magento 2;
  2. The installation of Magento 2;
  3. Rebuilding a template to be compatible with Magento 2 as the existing template was created for Magento 1;
  4. Extension sourcing and configuration;
  5. Migrating the existing data from the old website.

The first four stages of development laid the foundations for a highly functional site and allowed the team to iron out and identify any issues in the early stages to avoid more detrimental problems further along.

The final stage of data migration was reached when the team were confident that the underlying development work had been done to the highest possible standard. Initially, data migration was carried out using the Magento migration tool, which allowed for the migration of site configuration, categories, products, and orders. Once this was completed and the site was ready to be launched, further data migration was needed to add any new customers and orders which were created since the initial migration.

Although development was the most intensive aspect of this project, design did come into play with some modifications made to the text, the checkout page, images, and general styling to bring everything up-to-date and to construct a more visually engaging site for customers.

Transforming the website's visiblity in search

Our experienced SEO team utilised a variety of methods to ensure an increase in the website’s visibility, an improvement in conversions, and to clear the site of broken links and errors.

An initial step carried out was keyword research using industry-standard tools to determine the best keywords to include in the website’s content to boost its search engine listing, and thus, the likelihood of people finding the Furniturebox site when looking to buy relevant items of furniture.

Another key step taken by the team to enhance the site’s content was investigating and fixing crawl errors (such as 404 errors), which are common bugbears for SEO professionals as they can negatively impact a site’s SEO performance, and certainly, make using a site less appealing and streamlined for visitors.

The SEO team also improved the website’s overall health by checking for broken links, and performing a site search to identify any unfriendly URLs being indexed by Google.

With organic search visits increasing by 10% and organic revenue growing by an impressive 144% in comparison to May 2018, it is clear that the SEO work conducted has dramatically transformed Furniturebox’s online visibility for the better. The keyword targeting carried out has certainly played a significant role in this, with 47 of our targeted keywords appearing on page 1 of Google in just 10 months.


Organic Search Visits Increase Compared to May 2018.


Organic Revenue Increase Compared to May 2018


Organic Transaction Increase Compared to May 2018

Building paid ads campaigns to generate even more income

In addition to SEO, PPC is often instrumental in elevating website traffic through paid adverts targeted towards potential shoppers.

Initially, Furniturebox wanted the ads campaign to focus on dining tables, so we set up search ads targeting specific categories of dining tables and dining table sets (with chairs included).

Although these search ads did bring in more website visitors, these visits did not lead to conversions as often as we had hoped. But by introducing Google Shopping ads alongside search ads, we were able to achieve a much greater conversion rate, and the revenue from this helped ensure a return on investment (ROI) for Furniturebox. As a result of the Google Shopping ads’ success, the majority of the PPC budget was put towards these ads.

PPC works most effectively with continuous monitoring, and by monitoring the ads created for Furniturebox, our PPC expert was able to compare the success of certain ads against others in order to determine that the Google Shopping ads were the best option to drive traffic and generate conversions.

We now have a website that we are absolutely delighted with and we're smashing the marketing. As with anything we are always working on improving both our website and optimising our marketing and the team at Blue Frontier have done a brilliant job to help us work towards our goals. Not only have they done a great job for us but are also all extremely helpful and lovely people and it has been so refreshing to work with such a great team - they are all a huge credit to Blue Frontier.


Furniture Box Website
Furniture Box Website

What we did

We have teams of hardworking, highly-skilled and motivated professionals that have all come together to pull off a very successful website upgrade! The newly migrated Magento 2 site is certainly set-up to succeed with its up-to-date features, easy-to-use design, and growing rates of traffic thanks to the SEO and PPC expertise that went into this project. 

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