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Black Friday Top E-Commerce Tips

Date Wednesday, 17 November 2021 Hugo Matthews , In: Digital Marketing

Black Friday Top E-Commerce Tips

In the lead up to Black Friday, every business will begin to implement different Black Friday sales and promotions, leading to a variety of different approaches and strategies - but how can you make the most out of this year's 2021 Black Friday? While you don't want to make too many significant changes to your website before the Black Friday sales, there are plenty of little changes you can make that could make a big impact on your conversion rate during this year's sales.

COVID-19 has caused many issues for businesses and markets all across the country. However, it has confirmed one underlying factor, and that is the importance of the internet as a shopping tool. Last year's Black Friday was even more dependent on the internet and online conversions due to the closure of physical stores, and despite many reopening, a strong majority of customers will continue to shop online. Continuing a strong online presence for Black Friday this year will help improve your sales online.

Here are the top 5 best tips to help you optimise your businesses strategy and approach to stand out and optimise all of the traffic coming to your website. 

1. Email Marketing 

Email marketing is an excellent tool for any business to have when it comes to gaining valuable customer loyalty while delivering a tailored message to your target audience at a much lower price than other marketing methods. You can use your extensive email marketing list to provide exclusive Black Friday deals and create a unique experience for that user. By being part of an exclusive list, people included will feel important and valued by the business, which means they are a lot more likely to convert. It will also help you deliver a direct Black Friday sales message to those important potential customers without the hassle of competition trying to drive them away from your site. 


2. Pushing Products on Social Media 

If your business has gained a following on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you can utilise this presence to promote your Black Friday promotions to your following. Not only is this also a free approach to marketing your upcoming sales, but it will get people talking about your business and get them engaged. 

3. Running Paid Ads

Running paid ads on Google, Instagram, and Facebook can really help drive valuable traffic towards your website for Black Friday, which will help massively contribute towards boosting your conversion rates. When you are running your Black Friday ads, you should make sure that you are running them for a refined amount of keywords on Google so that your audience reach isn’t too broad - not only will this help drive more effective traffic but it will also stop you burning through your ads budget quickly. 

For social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, you need to make sure the ad you are displaying has a compelling image or short video that will help entice users to click your CTA (call to action). You should also consider making these ads run on other popular days for buying such as Cyber Monday. The final step to ensure your ads are working for you is to have your analytics ready. By preparing your analytics and tracking, you will be able to monitor the success of your ad spending and highlight any areas that may be letting you down, such as an adequate landing page. 

4. How Responsive is Your Website Design / Layout?

Having done all the hard work leading up to Black Friday, the last thing you want is your website to fail you and risk losing all the traffic and potential conversions you have worked hard to get to your site. You should make sure that you check both your desktop and mobile site/app, as a lot of customers will come from mobile devices. 

5. Conduct A/B Testing

During the lead up to Black Friday, you do not want to make any massive changes to your website in case it causes any issues on that day; however, A/B testing is one very effective strategy you can implement in the build-up. A/B testing is a method of user experience research where there are two different variants of a website feature, such as having a CTA button displayed in different colours. If you find on test A that more users are clicking on the button where it is blue rather than in test B where it is orange, then you may want to change that for Black Friday. These changes may seem small, but it is all part of the user experience and will contribute to increasing your conversion rates on the day. 

Are You Ready? 

Black Friday can be one of your business's best performing days of the year, which is why it is so important to ensure your approach will contribute towards the success of your sales and conversion rates this Black Friday. If you would like help with website support and development or in getting your marketing campaign up and running, contact one of our experts today. 


Hugo Matthews

Hugo Matthews

Digital Marketing Intern

Hugo started working at Blue Frontier this year as part of his placement year at Bath University. He brings with him a keen passion for SEO, social media marketing and creative writing. He is really enjoying learning about technical and creative SEO practices to help improve a range of clients' online presence and user experiences. 

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