Accessibility Testing

Verifies the suitability of a product for disabled users in alignment with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1)

When Accessibility Matters

As a G-Cloud supplier, we’re used to web accessibility being a mandatory requirement for many of our clients’ websites. As regards the public sector as well as banking, it’s vital that disabilities, including blindness and low vision, deafness and hearing loss, limited movement, speech disabilities, photosensitivity, learning disabilities and cognitive limitations are accommodated for in the design and usability of these websites.

Through our accessibility design and verification process, we aim to provide users with the best possible digital experience in accordance with WCAG 2.1.

Accessibility testing you can trust.

Although automated accessibility testing tools are useful, they play a supporting role in helping us align websites to WCAG standards. As part of our service, we design and include manual user accessibility tests to identify genuine defects. By combining the two approaches in an accessibility audit, we’re then able to thoroughly explore the design and compile an accurate detailed final report and list of recommendations.

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Accessibility Testing Aspects

During testing, the team look for accessibility issues that may hinder or limit the experience for a user with disabilities.

  • We flag issues where insufficient contrast in colour between the foreground and background is not suitable for colour-blind users
  • We identify small text sizes, unreadable to those with a visual impairment
  • We look for missing alternative text which can affect blind people using screen readers
  • We test if a website can be navigated via the keyboard for those without the dexterity required to use a mouse
  • We assess if content is presented in a logical and clear manner with graphical icons for users with cognitive conditions such as dyslexia
  • We review if those with hearing impairment are able to access audio content via a text based alternative

Accessibility Audit

A website accessibility audit is essential in ensuring organisations are complying with WCAG standards.

  • We’ll complete an audit incorporating both automated and manual test tools
  • We’ll compile a report listing the issues but with recommendations to resolve them
  • We’ll work with you to decide on the best approach to ensure your site meets the guidelines
  • We’ll provide you with a finished, verified product that is accessible to all

Finding an accessibility testing partner that you can trust is crucial in ensuring your end product is compliant. Here at Blue Frontier our methodical approach and attention to detail will ensure a user inclusive end result.

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